Mornings Suck the Most

I get so frustrated that it takes almost all morning to loosen up and get my body functioning without a lot of joint and muscle pain and trouble breathing every morning. Ironically, the better night's sleep I get, the worse it is and the longer it takes me to become useful. My dogs are always, understandably, chomping at the bit to get outside and it is often torturous to accompany them even to the front yard to do their business (no fence, so they can't be unattended). However, I'm still housebreaking my Jack Russell puppy, Mooch, so it's a necessary evil to let him out as soon as possible after waking.
Just this morning, I'm sitting, waiting out my body, when I hear the garbage truck rumbling nearby and realize I had again forgotten to set out the now two weeks' worth of trash I'd accumulated, so I do my hobbled version of dashing out the door to try to catch them. But the garbagemen turn out to move like super ninjas and apparently don't believe in second chances as they wave, smile and move on.
In the meantime, I guess I hadn't latched the front door properly, and the sudden activity fooled Mooch into thinking it was a game, so he darts out of the house and begins chasing the garbage truck. This ballsy feat inspires Pearl, my other Jack Russell to join the chase as reinforcement (Her bite is actually worse than her bark, and has thusly been quaranteened to the house or leash for nipping a neighbor last week.). Finally, Louie, my 106-lb All-American Goof-off, always slow on the uptake, realizes what's happening and brings up the rear to presumably serve as the muscle in case Pearl can't finish off the ninjas herself. ALL THIS BEFORE EVEN ONE SIP OF COFFEE.
On the other hand, I'm wide awake now and reminded by Janice's epic Buddy chase of the folly of chasing them. Instead I rack my brain ("Onward, through the fog!"), replete with its long string of mostly failed dog obedience tips, when I unchacteristically land on some helpful advice from the Dog Whisperer that sometimes works with Mooch. So I call for him, turn around and do my best impression of running the other way towards the house while I send-up a rushed "Hail, Mary!" (not part of Caesar's tip, but it never hurts to cover your bases), and sincerely hope that the ninjas aren't afraid of dog packs because even the faintest scent of fear only serves as appetizer to the main course for my otherwise sweetly obedient ("I swear, Mr. Animal Control guy!) Pearl. Don't know if it was Caesar's training advice to run the other way, my sending up the prayer, or some secret ninja hex at work, but miraculously, one-by-one, starting with Mooch, each dog turned around and ran back to me, expecting a special treat for the remarkable feat of actually following my command. Duly grateful and impressed, it was Pupperoni and wagging tails all around!
But I've digressed from my original purpose of posting, which was to seek guidance on easing the Morning Mopes. I'm taking all the recommended prophylactic SLE meds, but nothing I've tried helps much. Anyone else have this problem? I know some of you use yoga to help you cope with your symptoms, and I understand that some types of yoga use special breathing techniques. Might they ease the shortness of breath and pressure on my lungs? Any other suggestions are also welcome. Peace and hugs.

hahaha! I laughed when I read that the song in your head was i got friends in low places!!! lololol

and after the laughter shook my soul clean I thought about the we shall inherit the land.

then this land is my land this land is your land and do whacka do whacka do whacka do what ya want to...hahahhoohoohoo. I am so glad so glad that I know you!

janice said:

hahaha! I laughed when I read that the song in your head was i got friends in low places!!! lololol

and after the laughter shook my soul clean I thought about the we shall inherit the land.

then this land is my land this land is your land and do whacka do whacka do whacka do what ya want to...hahahhoohoohoo. I am so glad so glad that I know you!

Pleased to meet you too. Anyone who laughs at my jokes is a friend for life.

Got to bed late so I just woke up....grrrrrooooooowwwwllll! I am always so stiff and store in the mornings lately, but my breathing is better. Need to find some stretches maybe. Any suggestions? Have to bring Mooch to his first training class at 6pm, but can't imagine crouching down on my knees to his level, which I'm assuming is the expected pack leader pose. Peace and hugs.

I get pretty stiff and really sore sometimes. Odd that it isn't all the time. I just use Aleve, as that works for me. I do know that nothing works for everyone with this illness. I recently started taking Prednisone, which is helping me quite a bit, it seems. I mostly notice less symptoms. As for the fogginess, have you been able to get alergy testing? Either medical, or homeopathic work equally well, according to my experience. When I quit eating several different kinds of foods I started doing much better with the brain fog. That is what I hate the most, and I mostly only have that when I don't get enough sleep now days. Lack of sleep is a big whammy for me. I used to have severe fog all the time, though, so this is a vast improvement.

I almost forgot, I have Jack Russells, too. I breed them once in awhile, too. <g>

My brain fog is due to some neurological damage from the Lupus, not allergies, although I wish it were. I'm so psyched that you're a Jack Russell lover too. How many? What kind (colors, sex, shorties, Parsons, etc.)? What are thier names and ages?

I never considered a small dog until an elderly friend of mine could no longer care for her 2-year-old Jack Russell named Pearl, and one time when I visited her Pearl took a liking to me (I had taken her for a long walk) and my friend asked me if I wanted her. I didn't particularly, but she grew on me as she sat in my lap all night, so another sucker was born. It didn't take long for me to adore Pearl because she was not only a pleasure to train (so smart), she also attached herself to me by spooning under the covers at night when I slept (didn't realize many Jacks sleep under covers), just like a little kid, and never leaves my side unless I leave without her. Being childless, my husband and I both immediately found a soft spot for Pearl and a few months ago we brought Moochie home as an 8-week-old puppy. He is the sweetest dog I've owned, including Pearl, who's downside is being aggressive with other people and other dogs, especially Moochie, of whom she is insanely jealous.

Now that I'm sick with Lupus and have so many rough days, I actually prefer small dogs, and simply cannot handle walking (being pulled hard initially til he settles down wheres out my wrists especially) my 106-lb. shepard, Loius. My husband usually handles Louis's walks, but he's been away working for a couple months, so I just walk him off leash while I walk Pearl & Mooch on a double leash, and he usually stays with us (unless there's a squirrel alert).

Looking forward hearing about your dogs. I just bought a cheap digital camera so I can take photos of the puppies and upload them to some of the groups to which I belong. So far, however, the few I've taken keep coming out blurry, so I think I'm going to invest in a better camera. Do you have any pix of your puppies? I'd love to see them. Peace & hugs.

My Jacks are the loves of my life! I agree that a person with Lupus can't handle being jerked around. I sold a bunch of my horses because of that. I still have some left, though.

Breeding my terriers is one way I make a little spending money. It is about all I can do anymore. I have one or two litters a year. This year we had an oops litter, of which I still have 2 puppies for sale. Here is my website. It is kind of amateurish, as I work on it myself these days. The pix of the puppies are under the "for sale" banner. I don't have current pix of my breeding dogs, just haven't had anyone around to help take pictures. And if a person is a breeder, the pix have to be good, conformation shots.

If I were you, I would keep on top of any allergies.They contribute a LOT to the worse side of Lupus. I almost died I was so ill a few years ago before I got allergy testing. It did take a very long time of avoiding those particular foods to begin to come out of it, but I know I wouldn't be here if I hadn't found out what to avoid.

I think (just my figuring here) that a big part of the problem with the memory is the fact that very many people have brain lesions. I haven't gotten that looked at-an MRI is outside of my ability to pay for-but I have read about it, and from what I have learned, almost everyone with LUpus has them. But, that might be that the people who were tested all had similar symptoms. You just never know, unless the articles say so. Anyway, a lot of this is just my 2 cents, and hope that some people can get some good from it.