Methotrexate and vision

Hi Everyone,

just wanted to ask a few questions. I have noticed that when i take the methotrexate my eyes act up. i squint even with my glasses on, they get very teary and gunky. Anybody have eye issues on this medicine?

i had to stop taking it because it make me feel sick all the time, but i dont remember my eyes being the worst part...then again, my memory has been affected, so i cant say for the lupus meds have messed with my vision...

Hi Veronica T, I am not sure if some of my eye problems are due to the Methotrexate, as i have eye issues anyway. I was on Plaquenil and ended up getting the rare side effect of going blind with it. I went to the opticians one day expecting just some new glasses and they ended up sending me back to my doctors not explaining why. Anyway it turned out i had blurred vision as i had pigmentation on the backs of the eyes, so i was taken off it immediately. I still have problesm to this day and have to enlarge everything i read by about four size bigger. My husband bought me one an ereader to read books with as i do enjoy reading but couldnt anymore after having the problem with the eyes after taking the Plaquenil. It wouldnt surprise me if the Methotrexate causes eye problems as well as other things as its quite a toxic medication, after all we are giving ourselves a small dose of chemo basically. I have been quite sick on Methotrexate, just as Janice was. I give myself an injection once a week of a dose of Methotrexate, so now i do it on a Sunday evening after getting permission as it was messing up my weekend when i took it on the Thursday, so now if i have the injection on the Sunday late afternoon at least i have had most of the weekend not feeling quite as sick. I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday and was sick, its not pleasant, but we have to take something to help us stay abit better, of course there is also the added thing of compromised immunity with alot of these meds, so we cant win with any of them. We just have to try and get on with it all. If you are concerned i would have a chat to your doctor or Rhuemy to make sure as we are all different as far as side effects go. Anyway good luck, take care, thinking of you, let us know how you get on, love and hugs Astrid40xoxoxo

Hi Goldie, Yes i do have Sjogrens Syndrome as well as Lupus. It has been affecting my eyes for years and also i have another odd thing that i didnt know at first which is to do with the Sjorgrens Syndrome, which is a need for ice with all my drinks, and it has to be loads of it. I was reading an article about it once. All i knew at the time was i needed everything to be absolutely freezing when i drank it, or absolutely boiling when i eat my hot foods, i dont have any idea of whats overly cold or whats overly hot which can be quite dangerous. But the cold thing and the ice is definately to do with the Sjorgrens Syndrome i have been told. I have my eyes checked as often as i can. I need to have them done again soon. I also need a new prescription for my glasses, as mine is quite old now. My reading glasses, one of the arms is broken on them, so i have stuck them with tape for the moment, but i know i will have to get some more as i do need an updated script, its about cost for me at the moment, as everything costs doesnt it? I have been on the Metho for a while now, about a couple of years i was on the tablets, but now i am on injections which i administer to myself every week. I also take folic acid, but have to take three times as much as the normal dose as i have malabsorption, so not much of it gets through. The malabsorption is a bit of a nuisance as i have to have lots of the essential things that we should just get from food injected into me. I have Vitamen D injections, B12, B6, Zinc, and a few other essentials things injected into my system. I had to come off of the Plaquenil, as i wasnt on the Metho to begin with, and they proved what happened with my eyes was definately to do with having been taking the Plaquenil, which is abit of a shame as it was helping apart from the horrible rare side effect of the pigmentation on the backs of my eyes. I remember being really shocked when i found out what had happened. Anyway i will say bye for now, hope you are not too bad at the moment, love and hugs Astrid40xoxox

Hi there Goldie, sorry were you originally speaking to Veronica, i did wonder at the time when i replied to it. You are right though if Veronica does have the Sjorgrens, alot of us have it. And we are all here for each other to talk to, or just be there. Bye for now, love and hugs Astrid40xoxox

Hi Veronica T, Goldie is right, it would be good to ask your Rhuemy whether he tested for Sjorgrens when you were diagnosed, as they usually do a blotting paper test when they do the other tests for Lupus, which is pieces of plastic with blotting paper that they stick in your eyes, you might remember having it. They dont often tell you the results unless you ask for them. It might be a good idea to check though. I do feel for you, as its horrible when something goes wrong with our eyes and it is so uncomfortable to say the least. I was out today for a change with a carer, and i felt like i had sawdust in my eyes, and it felt like at the back was so sore, it was so uncomfortable. I just wanted to close my eyes. I feel the same now, but i am trying to ignore it. I sometimes use an eye bath which does help. Or a warm wet face cloth over the eyes can be quite soothing. Like i said to Goldie there are quite a few of us on LWL who have Sjorgrens Syndrome. We are all here for you. Let us know how you get on, take care, thinking of you, love and hugs Astrid40xoxo

Goldie said:

Veronica T, do you have Sjogren's Syndrome?.

Now that you know about Astrid 's Sjogrens, and she is not alone with this, it might be something you should investigate, or ask your rheumy, or gp about.

Thanks for all the info Astrid, hugs back to you.