Mail orders

I was wondering if anyone has ever used the mail system to receive their medications and has ever used the system to receive their meds from another country through the mail(sorry if confused anyone.

Used mail order here and works great. Even for my Enbrel. Sorry on the out of the country stuff.... someone here might have the answer

thanks i it is so much to factor when u have a illness,i was also afraid about it being on time.
Bernadine said:

Used mail order here and works great. Even for my Enbrel. Sorry on the out of the country stuff.... someone here might have the answer

No, I thought about that service for routine medication. My pharmacy around the corner delivers the medication to your front door, so I am lucky in that sense.

Hi Lia,

I never used it but some member's will help otherwise and best of luck with it, if your going to use it.

Love Terri xxx

Good afternoon Lia,

I've been using mail-order for years. It's great. Just have to track the amount in the bottle. And, it's good to order two weeks before the medicine runs out.

I have some liquid meds that the pharmacy won't ship. But, they give me the mail-order price.

Berta Creter

I got my drugs for years from Canada- at tremendously lower prices too I am getting ready to start ordering from them again as a new drug I am on is $200 here a month and only $40.00 a month from Canada

draginfli said:


I use mail order for all of my RX. I have found this method convenient to get what meds I can in 90 day supplies - it is less expensive for me and also I spend less time trying to keep track of when I need to submit for refills!

The online/mail order pharmacies can be set up to request the refills from your doc for you - good idea to monitor it though. Most of them send you update emails letting you know when they are renewing an RX or requesting a Refill on an RX.

There are lots of different online pharmacies. I am unwilling to deal with any that are out of the United States. Sometimes it is not legal for us to get meds from outside the U.S. if we live in the U.S. - and since I don't know all those rules, I avoid it altogether. There is no need to go outside though - really, we have plenty of trustworthy online pharmacies right here in the U.S.

Your insurance company may have one in particular that they contract with - it might be a good idea to check that out first. They may not pay for meds from one that they are not affiliated with.

I don't have insurance so I searched high and low for a discounted online pharmacy with a highly regarded reputation, Better Business Bureau and the high pharmacy rating too. I get 90 day RX from them because paying full price, I save LOTS of money doing it that way. I found that their customer service is better than any other company I've dealt with in a very long time! Their prices (considering they are full price) are amazingly low! Keep in mind that paying full price is expensive, but this place is cheap in comparison to any where else including the local pharmacy. I did extensive comparisons. I use out of Kentucky. They have been reliable for me.

I'm sure there are many others here who have better advice about the mail and online prescription ordering. Hope this helps some though!


oh my goodness thankyou for all this resourcefull information I appreciate it with the number of comments it helps me put a prospective on things, I do agree I donot want to receive anything with out doing my homework that is why I put it up for discussion because I gelt somebody had went through the samething or something similar. Your taking tje time is so humbling and thanks again ANGELIA.

Easy- it is


I use the mail order system (3 month supply) for meds that I take regularily. I have insurance and it is much cheaper this way. After using certain meds for 2 months, they will start charging me a lot more. It is convenient once you get it set up.

thsnk you for the information and I hope all is well.

I have insurance too Retail price was $202 with insurance I paid $167 Price from Canada pharmacy is $40

Hi Lia, I use mail order for my meds. I get 3 month supply at a time. Our ins co-pay is usually less with mail order than using a local pharmacy. Delivery time has always been good and I have the option to have some things automatically delivered instead of asking for refills. It's worked good for me so far. I've never had anything from another country, I don't know anything about that.