Lymphnods in back of knees

Hi everyone.I have been having lots of trouble with my lymphnods they get big on the back of my legs on the knees and if i am on my feet to long the hurt and swell I do hae swelling all overoin stomach chest under arms and also my groin area and i also sweat alot could someone let me know if they get this.thanks have a great Day dee

Are u sure the ones on the back of ur knees aren’t Baker’s Cysts…They are common in RA, but have been seen in anything really, they are lumps, that swell behind ur knee, Google them…if that is it, then they usually need to be drained, I think? Check w/ ur doctor, even if it isn’t that, then lymphnodes, esp. in such a wide array of places, should be checked too…That is a sign that ur body is fightin’ something very hard! U are prob. Flaring… Good Luck & Feel Better! Suzie :0)

Well i am not possitive but both my knees swell in the back also my groin swells and it hurts to bend down it happens when i am on my feet to long.under my arms also.