Look out of the window

Looking out of the window,
as the sun slowly hides beneath the horizon,
the darkness creeps and crawls its way
upon the land;

I have been waiting for years,
haunted by memories,
going round and round,
in this vicious circle of life;

As the music fades away,
I look around to spot any familiar faces;
it seems I am here all alone,
trying to make sense of this crazy thing called life;

How long does it take?
To solve this puzzle called life?
How much longer,
if only I knew!

Like a bird in a cage,
as I sit and stare into another day,
its getting harder and harder,
to be in control yet feel helpless;

Yet, I have been waiting for years,
it made no sense,
maybe this is what my life is?

As I look into an unknown horizon,
the promise of a happy ending tempts me back,
and I choose to survive
to have another go at this thing called Life

Thank you for sharing this! It is beautiful and the photo is gorgeous as well!

Bless you and Hugs out to you!


Hello Firelady,

Gorgeous picture and the colours seem so relaxing to me but such a true quote about life.

I really hope your coping ok and all my love Terri xxx