I need serious help!

I know this may not be the best topic but I am in dying need of a solution. I have been constipated since I came home from the hospital(Saturday). Ive tried everything, laxatives, sea salt and warm water, a tea called smooth move…nothing is working for me and my stomach hurts so bad, bad enough where I cant even eat. After my therapy today I went straight back to bed and haven’t been out since. Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions.

Well, I think you really need to call your doctor, maybe they can recommend something over the phone and you won’t have to go in for an office visit. Do you have a follow-up visit scheduled? Or, you could call your pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist.

I don't have a appointment coming up but i am going to go to the pharmacy tomorrow to see what they suggest. It was like this when i was in the hospital and they gave me a enema( i know i spelled it wrong) and it gave me a lot of relief.

Becca said:

Well, I think you really need to call your doctor, maybe they can recommend something over the phone and you won't have to go in for an office visit. Do you have a follow-up visit scheduled? Or, you could call your pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist.

You spelled it right, and that's a good idea. There may be a suppository that's OTC. (over the counter) Not fun, but it would probably work. I have a colonoscopy scheduled on the 23rd, so I literally feel your pain on this one.

My husband (with this issue) has seen a lot of improvement eating fiber gummies. He said if you eat more than 4 it gives you bad gas but it gets you moving! But this is better as a long term solution to help you get constipated less often.

I empathize and hope you find relief soon.

Hi What kind of pain and if sharp and if you are ballooning. Check online for symptoms of appendix.. as always perhaps you should go to ER or urgent care. If that is not your choice. Your doctor can also give you meds that will clear you out.

Here are some suggestions:

If your gut is inflamed kind of a burning ache...hard to describe...I get in a pool or tub too cool down the inflammation.

(Last week I went to a motel for a few days so I could jump in the pool every 2-3 hours for about 10 min.. it gave me relief from the pain in my gut. ) and the fire on my face and neck.

If you are able you need to walk or move your body...put some music on and move to it. It is hard ..but the body functions better when we keep it moving...just lying in bed causes all kind of problems.

I know it is not easy...but I am 72 and retired Chiropractor and been through this many times as often I am full of it!!

Yes, there are a number of things you can do...have you tried Probiotics? I have been told best to buy from Health food store as they keep them cold. I got Culturelle from market room temp and they still work great. May take 12 hours to a day.

We do not have enough blood in bodies to do everything as it weighs too much and we could not walk. So

we have the Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic nervous systems. They shift the most blood to the Para for digestion etc and Sympathetic to the extremities and brain for fight and flight...also stress and pain. This is how you can shift your blood very simple...to your digestive area. So it can do it's thing.

NVD neuro vascular dynamics...Right side of abdomen....half way between belly button and right anterior PSI part of hip you will feel the little bone stick out not the bigger bone on your side but about 3" toward the belly button. Then you draw an imaginary line from that point to your belly button. Place your Right index finger on it. VERY LIGHTLY no pressure.

(If you are having trouble finding the spot just put both hands on your hips pointing fingers tower the belly button and the first finger of right hand should be just about on the spot...your close enough.)

May take longer the first few times till you get use to it....you will know it is working when you start feeling a pulse on your

index finger. You may hear or feel your tummy rumble...good sign...means things are starting to work. If none of these work then do it for about five min and try later. You can have someone else touch you there... if prefer.

There is another location that also works but it is four spots around your belly button....place index finger about an inch away from it top, side, bottom,like sign of cross around belly button (but not religious) side each place for about five minutes...these will get your blood where it needs to be for

digestion and to get things moving.

Less effect but comforting:

In bed lying down...you want to bend your knees and rub your abdomen start on right side and go top then left side bottom in circles.

Important when you do feel the urge to go:

If you are trying to go...put each hand against a wall and push..you do not want to strain too much and cause other problems.

You could also find someone to Reiki you and that is very good for many things but relief of constipation happens most of the time. Dr Jensen quote "If you keep your bowels open and your mouth closed...you will live a long healthy life!"

Lastly, an Old Fashion remedy: take about 1/4 glass of orange juice and 1 teaspoon on baking soda...stir it vigorously and when it is foaming drink it. This often works in about 20 minutes...but I would use with caution if you are having a lot of other problems like ballooning way up or sharp pain. as mention at top of reply.

I went to ER once where I was in severe pain and thought I must have food poisoning...I ballooned up so huge I thought I would pop...they could not give me an IV after about 3 nurses giving it a try I finally ask them to quit. I started doing

NVD and in about 45 min I walked out and drove myself 2 hours home. You are a Super woman...don't forget it!

You might try Biguerlai Tea. It's a product of the Philippines and is sold under a few different trade names but if you google "Biguerlai Tea" you will find lots of information.

Try pure black cherry juice. Whenever I get that way i drink a 16oz cup in the evening. By the morning I am free as a bird.

Oooops, I forgot to add that you can pick it up at any health food store. I have not yet been able to find pure all natural in local grocery stores.

So How are you doing today? Hope you are feeling lighter! Dee

i had major trouble with constipation. A friend of mine practices Ayurveda and he suggested me to eat 5 slices of Fig twice a day. ie before bed and early in the morning. it is not a quick solution to the trouble but you will see the difference in 5-7 days. it has worked wonders to me and is a long term remedy for constipation and even piles. i hope this might help you.

take care. warm hugs to you :)

Im doing much better wingwalker, thank you for asking.

I now this predicament all to well!I started having constipation issues in the end of 2011 when my Dr’s and I knew I was getting seriously ill… from then till early 2013 I was able to go at most a few times a week with the use of prebiotics, fiber chews , proper diet and a cup of mint tea daily…it was a lot of work but it was worth it:) as I became much worse and began to have labrual tears and dislocations in my large joints I had to start taking narcotic painkillers like morphine and fentanyl to cope with the excruciating pain. These meds along with my abdominal organs being affected now by SLE causes a complete stop of #2:/ I could go maybe once a month with is completely unhealthy and uncomfortable ! My primary gave me a bunch of samples for a new med for severe constipation called"Linzess",its amazing! Unlikely other percription laxatives I had absolutely NO cramps , it was a miracle! I take the highest strength twice a week but still taking my gummy probioti with fiber and prescription stoll softener with lots of water daily. Hope you find something that works for you soon:)

I have the same issue often. It gets so bad i cant eat at all! So i go in and my doc. Puts me on reglynde/regland(sp) 4 times a day for 2wks, lactulose every 2hrs and three stool softners a day. I have to go through this ritual every month it seems. My doc. Says my body is going backwards. So instead of going down it all goes up. Id see your doc. And see what he can do for you. Hope you get better its nit fun at all!!!