Horrible back pain

I started having back pain about 3 weeks ago. It was in the middle of my back on the spine. I had xray and MRI done. Results said:
No concerning focal narrow lesion. Mild degenerative change. Mild facet arthropathy scattered throughout thoracic spine. Mild disc bulging anteriorly at t5-t6, t8-t9, t11-t12. No posterior disc herniation or stenosis.
Multilevel DDD in cervical spine with mild reversal of normal cervical lordosis and mild central canal narrowing
Small degenerative end plate osteophytes throughout thoracic spine and cervical spine. ( does that basically say “normal wear and tear”?)

Two nights ago, I got very lightheaded, weak and nauseous. My legs became very heavy and I felt like I was drunk. The back pain spread all across my back and shoulder. It felt like labor pains

I went to ER and they did labs and a cr scan to check my heart and said its all just muscular skeletal pain.

I’m so bloated, I can’t even zip my pants.
Has anyone else had this type if crazy pain/ symptoms?

Yes I have pain (severe) in back where bra strap is, I cant use my arms when this happens and hip/lower back pain.

Yes my is at illiac level (top of hip) and below. Comes during my "flares " and then goes away. Nothing relieves pain ( Aleve, Tylenol)

Well I had pain also went and had an MRI and I have ddd and L3-L5 discs hernation and narrowing of my spine it’s so bad I already have surgery scheduled! It’s my ddd that’s wearing it out so bad so just keep an eye on it!

Did they check your kidneys? I had horrible back pain, nausea, light headedness etc…when I was trying to pass a kidney stone that got stuck. I was so tense from the mid back pain that the cramping spread through my back. I was also bloated from water retention. That said I also have bulging discs at various levels from different accidents so I get pain from that too. That pain is more of a burning pain since it’s from pinched nerves. Kinda feels like someone is using a flamethrower on my back and legs. Is your pain an ache, stabbing, burning, cramping? I really hope tney checked for kidney stones. Just in case drink more water if you can. I hope you feel better soon. Gentle hugs, Annemarie

I have similar problems in my neck and back. While I was in a flare I scheduled neck surgery because I could hardly hold up my head sometimes. Then the flare passed and so did all the neck problems so I cancelled the surgery. The neurologist told me if the pain is radiating down my arms or my legs all the time then I would need to consider surgery. As I quit working and am not in a flare I just have my usual back pain. I however and going to be 66 and you look so much younger!

I am bloated the minute I eat! I always feel a little pregnant! Lol!

Good luck, Geneva

I've had back pain that has been excruciating in the past. An MRI also showed Degenerative changes & bulging disc's in my back. They found a syrinx in my thoracic spine but I think it's not the cause of my back pain. I notice when the weather changes or its cold or rainy the pain is worse. Right now I'm having pain in my knees. I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. It's probably from all the high doses of Prednisone. I don't have bloating but have Maxide a low level diuretic if I need it. Advil does help, heat & pain patches over-the-counter also help i.e Salonpas. Hope you feel better soon. Back pain is miserable.