Help with Digestive issues

I can remember seeing a discussion or a blog entry by someone who was concerned about digestive issues. I cannot find it - probably because I cannot sleep - but I wanted to share some info (cause I am obsessive like that). I have had many types of digestive problems, including reflux and ulcers (from decades of NSAIDS). When I am anxious, like I am now, I believe that one area of my stomach is definitely going to become cancerous because it has been chronically ulcerated for years and years. But I digress. I no longer have gird. My ulcer is not burning like my stomach is on fire. I did not get help with this from my doc. I got it from a book. I am not saying that this is the answer for anyone else. But it may be worthwhile to consider the book. Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski. I am pretty sure that she extended my life expectancy.

Hi Ann I believe that was me, I will check out the book at this point I am willing to try anything. Thanks, Jen