Heart valve problems due to LIbman-Sacks

Regular echocardiogram showed "something". Now need to go for a follow-up trans esophogeal echocardiogram. (For the uninitiated, it is just as much fun as it sounds-dropping a tube down my throat to get a 3-D view of the aortic valve). Anyone out there been diagnosed with this, or had this test? Any words of wisdom or caution? All of my inflammation markers are normal, but just came off a 2-1/2 year flare (with numerous accompanying problems). Thank you!!!

I am not sure, but it seems there could be a correlation. I have a question regarding blood pressure problems. I am talking bp meds but have startehaving spikes…night and day…of 180/320. As soon as I take clonodine, it settles down to an acceptable level. I normally take valsartin and toprol 3/day. I apologize for putting my questions on yourpost, but I can’t figure out how to post a new message. I am so sorry, but I need help


The test isn't too bad 'if' you try to relax as much as possible. Good luck.

Dear Ann A. & bak,

Thanks for the responses. I plan to lobby for strong sedatives, hopefully like I had for my colonoscopy. I have had so many tests...I used to be very brave, but now am rather beaten down & frightened.

Linda Bull,

No worries! But someone who can help, may not see your question here. I think if you click on the "Add +" in red, at the top, you should be able to start your own discussion. Good luck! So many wonderful people here who take the time to respond and help!

I wish you the best of luck with your tests. I am 33 and just had a mitral valve replacement after 2 TEEs. Make sure you get your ejection fraction and remember it because it comes in handy.

Thank you for that reminder! A friend had a heart attack, and told me the same thing.

TEE will be scheduled next week (when I get back from vacation). I'm going to ask for the same level of sedation that I had for my colonoscopy a couple of years ago. That went well. I used to be braver, but the past 3 years have been full of operations & being poked & prodded. =sigh=

Good point. I will have one of my several very dependable, medically savvy friends with me that day, to be sure that I get all the important info.