Dry skin

I was wondering if anyone has found a lotion or cream for dry skin. I feel like I have aged 30 yrs in a month. My daughter god love her keeps telling me "Mom you need to exfoliate" lol I have ..it does not do anything. this desease is challenging with family members.

wishing you all a wonderful day!!

In England we have an eczema cream called cetraben or diprobase which works well for my skin and mine gets really dry… I always moisturise straight after a shower or bath while my skin is damp to keep the moisture in and I use oilatum in my bath aswell… Hope this helps xx

Eucerin all the way, it's the best ( in my opinion )

Thank you both very much. I will give it a try !!

I have very dry and sensitive skin. Curél is the only one that works for me.

I have become pretty chemically-sensitive with the lupus: almost anything with any fragrances or scents or other unpronounceable ingredients is likely to make my skin break out really badly - but the way you describe your skin, the extreme dryness and everything, sounds JUST like me! It’s especially bad on my legs, arms, feet, & hands. I tried several OTC things, with mixed results (some actually made it worse!) Then I found plain old organic cold-pressed coconut oil - I had bought it to cook with because of its health benefits (my A1c’s & cholesterol labs do keep slowly improving!) but then I read how great it was for skin, and it sure works for me! The only defoliating I do is scrubbing the really dry bits with a washcloth or a shower puff while in the bath, then as soon as I get out, I slather on the coconut oil, right out of the jar. It smells good and feels wonderful. I haven’t done it yet, but someday when I have a little more of both energy and money than I have right now, I want to try making my own body butter, with a combination of coconut oil, cocoa butter,shea butter, and almond oil - I’ll smell like a giant Mounds Bar! :slight_smile:

They sell good coc.oil almost everywhere now - where I live I know rite-aid, wal-mart, and food lion all carry it. If you would like to see a website w/info on the medicinal properties of coconut, uses, recipes, etc, www.tropicaltraditions.com is a good place to start. Oh! And you can also put a spoon of it right in your bath water, like bath oil - just be careful getting out, it can make tile and porcelain slippery!

Good luck - and you have my total understanding as to how irritating it can be. If I don’t really stay on top of mine, it can itch so bad it will keep me up all night just scratching and scratching! Hope you find something that helps.

Shea butter works well for me. It's hard in the jar so if you warm it between your hands so it will go in easier.

Also, one of the best moisturizers EVER is just plain old Vaseline or Olive Oil.

They are not expensive but very effective. The Vaseline and shea butter both work best when used before bed.

I am anxious to know what works best so let us know how these suggestions work for you.


My dermatologist told me Cetaphil Cream (in the jar) is just as good as any prescription lotion. It is fragrance free and a small amount goes a long way. I love this cream! It does miracles and its great on your face too especially when you have the butterfly rash. You do not break out from it either believe me, if anyone has sensitive skin it’s me! The jars are expensive but they last a long time. Oh and it’s sold everywhere, Walgreens, Walmart, grocery etc.

Hope you find a good cream to help you! Hugs-Tina


I learned in the Middle East that pure olive oil rubbed on at least twice a day works really well. It quickly absorbs in the skin and leaves it silky. A little bit wiped through your hair makes it manageable and shiny.

Yes, my dermatologist told me to use SARNA. My skin was so dry that it looked like a dry creek bed. Now it is getting much better.

Try Organic coconut oil! It has worked the best for me and my dry skin! It is also a great Lubricant. I also just started using Aveeno positively radiant for my daily moisturizer and sun screen. I have only been using it for two weeks and it really has made a big difference in my skin and sun damage spots.

I wish you the best…Deenie

Thank you all so much!! I will post what has worked. I have been using almond oil as I am also very sensitive to almost everything. I prefer organic products when I can.

helliongoddess I hope I spelled it right, I live with my 30 yr old daughter and we are on the paleo diet. So we have lots of coconut everything lol !! I have found this diet to be very helpful with my health in general.

wishing you all a very happy day!

I use Cetaphil lotion, soap, body wash, everything. Even my Obgyn said that is the best soap. I had staph infections and boils from it and my doctor wanted me to use antibacterial soaps regularly but that was too harsh on my skin. Since using Cetaphil only I have been doing so much better, and I have psoriasis. I order it on Amazon it is much cheaper. When I am out or I forget I can totally tell a difference. If I get a rash the lotion helps the itch go away. I can’t live without it and I HATE lotions.

I Use Cetaphil There's no fragrance and its not real greasy either.

That's what i do when i run out of lotion! it really works too.

Joanne Norris said:


I learned in the Middle East that pure olive oil rubbed on at least twice a day works really well. It quickly absorbs in the skin and leaves it silky. A little bit wiped through your hair makes it manageable and shiny.

I have super sensitive skin, and really really dry like yours. The very best thing I have found is organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. It’s full of antioxidants and good fatty acids, and cheap, too, compared to things like Cetaphil. I use it right after my bath, even put a spoon in the water like bath oil. (I also cook with it, and my blood sugars and cholesterol labs have been coming steadily down.) You can find it now in the organic or health food sections of most drug stores & supermarkets.

I love Cetaphil. They have a thicker moisterizer that comes in a tub. It is not greasy and lasts for hours. Most lotions only last 1 hour here in Vegas. Part of it is I’m so dry an the other part is most smell good lotions have a high alcohol content.
Hope you find something you like!

My dermatologist just recommended Aveeno intense healing. It comes in a tub with a blue top. It works well. Just had 2 skin biopsies last week for a rash and wrinkly, peeling skin.

Hi Flower,

I have dry skin badly and resemble a reptile as the sjogren's syndrome makes it worse and i use Palmers coconut butter...really makes the skin very soft.

I also shower in Dove body moisturizer which contains oil and that soaks in well.

Terri :)

hi i use KERI lotion the shea butter one...Its on a white bottle .they have diffrent kind but the shea butter works better for dry skin....they sell it at wallmart for $6.00dlllrs...u should try it...