Discloid Lupus

Hello everyone, I am new to the group so I’m still just trying to get into the hang of how things work around here. But I am curious to know if any members here in the forum are dealing with discloid lupus?This is the form of lupus that I am dealing with, as I was diagnosed 8 years ago, doctors say more than likely due to my stress from my son having a life-threatening injury, (p.s–he is a healthy 10 yr old now) either way this disease has created lesions on my arms, chest, and scalp. Its been a long road dealing with this disease, but over time I am slowly but surely coming to grips with my diagnosis and day by day I somewhat seem to overcome my circumstances. Its nice to find a place in which I can chat with others who are also dealing with this disease, as I hope you all are in good spirits and healthy body and minds!!!