Dehydration and Yoga - another lesson learned

So, I think I'm a pretty intelligent gal. I do try to take care of myself and I listen to my doctors and follow instructions...but, I sure didn't see that coming......

I was told that Yoga would be great for me. Then, I was told that HOT Yoga would be even better for me. Now, understand that I have Cutaneous Lupus which is more of the skin rash lupus disease triggered by heat and sun. BUT, I did my research and yep - hot yoga seemed okay and even supported by doctors and MY doctor.

So, I signed up and attended 3 days in a row. I FELT GREAT and could feel my energy levels rise and I can't explain it but just felt all around BETTER.

AND THEN..........The 4th night I woke up at 2 a.m. and told my husband to call 911. I couldn't move...

Turns out, I was dehydrated and never having been dehydrated, had no idea how it made you feel. So, long story short I got an IV of fluids and was sent straight to my doctor who says.....oh, yeah - maybe Hot Yoga wasn't a good idea - don't go back. Now my rash is back, it has taken me a week to rocoup, had to miss work, AHHHHHHH and I'm super frustrated. Guess my body didn't like all the sweat. Another lesson learned. Kinda tired of lessons learned.

Hi rashgirl,

Wheather it be skin conditions which can kick off quick or SLE always remember anything concerning heat sends all lupus suffers dehydrated....i have it regular and i hate water but when it happens there's no stopping the intake till you feel relieved.

Dehydration makes your skin dry up previous you'll see it more on arms and legs, the light headedness can start and you'll feel like you need to consume coldness...well that's the water to stop it.

Anything concerning heat try and avoid it because you'll most likely get it again now it's happened once. xxx

You can not imagine how much water and electrolytes I was pumping in. I knew I was at risk but I practically drank my weight in water. It didn't work. :( I'm headed to GENTLE Yoga tonight with no heat. Wish me luck. ha.

Ann A. said:

I am just curious. Do you think that you would have had the same experience if you had replenished your fluids and electrolytes during the yoga class?

I get to walk past the Bikram class on my way to gentle yoga for people with physical disabilities, so you definitely have my sympathies.