Has anyone in the group tried this? I just found out about it as well as read that the FDA approved this in 2011?

I hope all is well. I know I have been absent for a bit, as I had been focusing on my issue about toxic water in the military. The Senate has approved healthcare for the military at Camp Lejeune and they are waiting for approval by the house and the president. All of a sudden an article pops up that ONLY the military will be covered, not the civilians who served beside them. I feel duped that I supported the passage ofa bill that does not inlcude civilian families who served. I know I asked on more than one occasion about this status. I know somewhere I have the documentation stating we are a part of this. We lived in the military, We were in the military. And I believe that my lupus came from this. None of it ever made sense, I have been aware that I was ill since I was 14. No family history. But I am a curious thing and I went on my quest for answers. I found them.

I dont know if any of the members here were in the military, if not, I know this may be hard for you all to relate to. But my life makes sense now.

Hope I dont get a flare...

Hi Jean,

Nice to see you back on here with us, although you've been busy.

There is member's on here who have taken Benlysta and who are taking it and will answer your post in due course but besides the link you added "Thank you" if you go to the search section and put in Benlysta where it's got Forum discussion (876)'ll find no end of threads linked to this drug.

Love Terri xxx

Oh my goodness...thank you. Of course there would be a section on this.

The healthcare bill goes before the House on July 31st. I will continue to support what they all have been working hard to achieve, as it is the right thing to do. This will now pave the way for others to get the help that they need.

I am receiving Benlysta. I have had three treatments. I notice that I have a little more energy. It doesnt last forever, but even a few good hours a few days a week is nice. After my first treatment I had three good days in a row. I have had very little side effects. It is still a little to tell if it is helping, I will post after I have my lab test.

Thank you Rae. I am not a great candidate for Plaquinil. It made me sick. I am scared of methotrexate. I am wondering why my rhumie never mentioned this. Maybe I am not a good candidate. I have many issues I have to deal with. I do have SLE and I read that this is for SLE. When I get the time I will read up on this here on the site.

I hope today is a good day for you...

Hello Jean,

I do apologise on being late replying and i hope the other threads helped i mentioned.

Niw plaquenil affected me badly first time round and i've gone back on it again after my body rejecting the Dapsone and i had 4 days of nausea nothing else since....just waiting for it to help.

I hope your keeping fine and thinking of you dearly. xxx