A million needles

Hello all. Saw my derm on Friday. Asked lots of questions and basically told I would age well since I had to stay out of the Sun. Big help. Then I told her about this attack I had about a week ago. I had gone out to do some quick shopping and 5 minutes in I feel I am going to collapse. I get to the car and begin to feel like a million needles were sticking me all over my body. By the time I got home my feet were buzzing too. I hurt so bad I was crying and rocking back and forth. Took pain meds but this was basically with me all day and into the night. Ice bags, cool showers even muscle relaxes did nothing. So I ask the DR if she had seen this before or what it was she shrugged her shoulders and said no. And went on.

So how about any of you? Ever had this experience even though you were wearing the Sun protective clothing and trying to do everything right? Or am I just going crazy? Which is why I did not go to ER because I was afraid they wouldn't know and just assume I was some depressed woman having a break down. Any help out there,please?

Thanks Ann, I appreciate your advice and encouraging words. The problem I have with urgent care is that they will take Medicare but not medicade. Very frustrating. I agree with you that they can do a good job. The little urgent cares that are in Walgreen's or CVS won't even touch me because I have too many things wrong with me and too many meds. Oh well all I can do is my best. I think I will find a new derm. :/

tacteach.....maybe it's not a dermatological problem. I keep a daily record of anything new that I might take, including food. I have lots of allergies and they can create symptoms that are unusual. Needle like symptoms and buzzing can be neurological too. Maybe your pcp can run some labs to see if you have any vitamin/mineral deficiencies or electrolyte imbalances going on. Usually they start there and if nothing is abnormal and you still are getting the symptoms, they will refer you to an appropriate specialist.

Don't "shrug" it off, I can tell you that something caused it, to be sure. I have a digital blood pressure machine and I check that when something seems weird, especially when you are on medications.

Be careful,


if you are uncertain antibiotic for medicine since they stay out of the Sun and you go in the Sun that is exactly what will happen to you. I learned many years ago not to do that because I had a bad reaction to the Sun its not the same way and I took like 20 showers in one day and nothing helps. you have to worry if these 30 proof sunblock, I wear 50 baby so I know its going to work very well