40 Ways To Entertain Kids While Lying Down

I thought with all the moms here who have days they can't do much, but they still have to care for their children, and for grandparents who are babysitting and sick at the same time, this article might be helpful.

Click here: http://bit.ly/Nbtlzp

That is great! Thanks!

Hi Sheila,

Good thread for the moms on the site...myself i was never blessed in that pleasure but this will help alod of moms on here. xxx

You're welcome.

Good thread sheila...i just hope more moms take notice of it, as so many member's get worn out with Lupus besides looking after children. xxx

Sheila W. said:

You're welcome.

Oh I love this! Thank you for posting!

This is a great article-I actually came across this some time ago and printed it out. You are thoughtful to share it with everyone here because there are some activities that really come in handy!